Sunday, October 9, 2016

10 Must-have Diaper Bag Items

Traveling with your newborn is a lot of work - and believe me - it is EASY to forget important things.

Just the act of leaving the house can be chaotic - especially if you have more than one child. With that in mind, it is best to always have some important items pre-packed in your diaper bag. Of course, the longer the trip, the more you’ll need to add. But these basics will get you started. And check out the 10 Most Important Travel Items for important things that don't fit in your bag.

Top 10 Items to Always Keep in Your Diaper Bag

  1. Diapers. Don’t forget the whole reason you have the bag in the first place! Always bring more than you expect you’ll need. I also liked to stash a couple spares in both of our cars.
  2. Baby wipes and diaper rash cream. A small baby wipe carrying case is very handy. And if your diaper bag didn’t come with a changing pad, you may even want a small kit, such as this one. And just like the diapers, make sure you have spares stashed in your car.
  3. Changing pad. Like I mentioned, many diaper bags come with these, or you can buy the kit mentioned above. Or, just get a simple flexible padded mat.
  4. Change of clothes for your baby. You never know when an accident will strike - and any form of accident can strike. In fact, you may even want a spare shirt for yourself!
  5. Small trash bag(s). You need a place to store those dirty clothes!
  6. Bibs, Burp cloths and receiving blanket. Our babies would sometimes get motion sickness, so these come in extra-handy. The receiving blanket is one of the most flexible items - use it as a blanket, changing pad, to keep your baby warm, or as a towel. Try silicone bibs, traditional terry cloth bibs or the more flexible waterproof bibs.
  7. Food. Take more than enough formula or milk with. Make sure you keep it cool in an insulated bag - along with an ice pack. If your baby is on solids, take spoons, a jar, and take some puffs or other snacks with too if they are old enough.
  8. Toys. Always have a couple small toys or books with you. Linking Toys, board books, and tactile books are great options. Make sure one of those items doubles as a teether if your baby is of age (or just get a teething blanket).
  9. Hand sanitizer. Yes, you need to stay clean too.
  10. Sun protection. Sunscreen and a sun hat are must-haves - even if you think sun won’t be an issue.

Bonus Items - if you have room and want to be extra-prepared:

  1. Painter's Tape. No, you shouldn’t have your baby helping with your next DIY project. Instead, painter’s tape is handy to keep to help baby-proof hotel rooms or wherever you’re staying. Cover light sockets, tape drawers shut (pinching hazard!), tape electrical cords out of the way, etc.
  2. Pacifiers. If your child uses them, make sure you have a spare. Pacifiers are like socks in the laundry - one is always missing.
  3. Nursing items (if you’re nursing). A cover and pads are probably most important.
  4. Large zipper-shut plastic bags. These can be helpful to prevent leaks and store messy items.
  5. Of course, all of the other items you’d carry with in your purse - wallet, keys, sunglasses, phone, spare phone charger/battery, pen, paper, tissues, etc.

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