Sunday, October 16, 2016

10 More Nice to Have Items for Your Baby

We’ve already run through the most important items your newborn needs for sleeping and bathing, feeding and changing, soothing, and travel. We’ve even discussed what NOT to get, plus some bonus items.

Today i'm running through another 10 "nice to have" items that I felt were worth mentioning, but definitely not on the required purchase list.

10 More Nice-to-Have Items for Your Baby

  1. Bottle warmer. We got away without a bottle warmer with our kids, but I'm certain we would have had less spit-up and a few less cries with a bottle warmer. The trick with a bottle warmer is making sure your sized bottles will fit. This Dr Browns bottle warmer has an adjustable basket that fits most sizes.
  2. Video monitor. For many years parents survived without monitors - then audio-only monitors. Now with internet connected video monitors you can see your precious children from anywhere
  3. Music box. These days almost every baby item has some integrated music function. Baby swings, mobiles, play centers, etc have will play music. But a music box often has fun movements that can almost hypnotize your baby or toddler. Most music boxes are not made for babies to actually touch, so you need to keep them at a distance where they can be seen, but not touched. But the Munchkin Mozart Music Cube, pictured below, is a fun compromise - your baby can play with it to your heart's content. And this cute Owl music box/night light is another fun option that babies and older kids alike enjoy.
  4. Mamaroo infant seat. Upgrade your infant seat to the mamaRoo - it mimics parents natural movements, and can be controlled by your smartphone.
  5. Wall Appliques. Customize your nursery with cute and engaging wall appliques. I'm partial to owls in particular, and this owl and animal applique fits the bill, but there are many options.
  6. Teething toothbrush. This fun item works as a teether (supervised, of course!), and helps get baby used to the idea of a brush.
  7. Baby Bottle Drying Rack. If you're like us, you'll have bottles of different sizes and shapes constantly being washed. We hand-washed our bottles because our standard mid-priced dishwasher simply didn't do a good job getting them clean. A rack was a wonderful luxury, saving time and difficulty in trying to dry those narrow bottles. (Note: some dishwashers have special bottle jets - if you're buying new, look for this feature! It will serve you well for years, not only for baby bottles, but also water bottles made by thermos, contigo, etc).
  8. Diaper Wet Bag. Of course, you can get away with taking plastic trash bags with you, or you can buy a specially made washable wet bag for wet and dirty items.
  9. Security Blanket. Actually, this is probably as close to a must-have as you can find. Our children, and almost every child our friends have had love a nice, small, security blanket either made of silk or with a silk edging. You won't be sorry. There are many varieties, with animals built-in, chewy corners, and more.
  10. Baby Gate. This is a 'luxury' item for newborns that quickly turns into a necessary item once baby is mobile. Start looking for sales, coupons, or other deals early, because you'll probably want a gate sooner or later. Make sure you consider the width of the spot you plan to attach it - you might need to purchase an extended or two to make it fit. Also, think about the best place to put a gate - especially if you have pets that need to reach food, litter boxes, and water. One other idea - you can consider a pet gate for your baby, and might be able to find a better sale from a pet store. BUT, make sure it doesn't have any features that could be pinching hazards or dangerous in other ways.

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