Saturday, November 26, 2016

10 Fun Gifts for New and Soon-to-Be Parents

Becoming a parent is (obviously) life changing. And no matter how much someone thinks they know how their life will change, it is always's deeper, more profound, more difficult than one can imagine.

If you know a new parent here are a few gift ideas to help soften the blow.

10 Great Gifts for New and Soon-to-be Parents

  1. Baby Safe Handling Tips. My favorite part is the "wheel of responsibility" on the front, but the contents are funny!
  2. Go the F**k to Sleep. Made famous by the Samuel L. Jackson reading, this book has been described as 'pitch perfect' for weary parents. Warning: language may offend.
  3. If You Give Mommy a Glass of Wine. This is another fun children book parody, sure to make wine-loving moms smile.
  4. My Quotable Kid. Kids say the funniest, most unexpected things. This journal book gives parents a reason to write it down before they forget it! 
  5. Mr Food Face Plate. Every parent knows how hard it can be to get your child to eat. Mr Food Face can be a special occasion plate or a frequent go-to to make meal time a fun time.
  6. Graphite and Snap-off Floor Nails. A great gag gift that is actually useful. Every parent knows the horror of finally getting baby to sleep only to have a squeaky floor or door wake them up! These useful tools will solve your sleep problems.
  7. A Woombie or a Sleep Sack. These are safe ways to keep your baby warm and secure - keys to a restful night. New parents will thank you!
  8. Dads - give Mom a spa day, a massage, or other relaxing gift like a movie with friends where she can spend a few moments on her own.
  9. Moms- give Dad some relaxing time away - let him go on a hike, spend time gaming, a movie with friends, or going to watch the big game.
  10. Of course, the best gift of all might be for friends and family to offer to baby sit for a day! As a parent PLEASE consider this option. :)


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